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Now that you've played with the rest...Play with the best!

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Welcome to the Cuetime Sports Pool League!

If you have the desire to have fun and play pool in a league that puts the players first, and handicaps them fairly, then this is the place for you! From amateur to "fair-to-midlin" to the..." I bet you can't beat me" player, the Cuetime Sports Pool League offers a level playing ground for all players.

The Cuetime Sports Pool League is based on the BCA (Billiard Congress of America) structure - where, you must "call your pocket" in order to continue shooting (no Slop like other leagues... Skill!). Our handicap system runs from 3 to 11 and is based on the last 25 weeks of play. It also takes into consideration who you played against, their score and their handicap. You play a round-robin or 5 games, so - you play 1 game against someone on the opposing team each round...Anyone can win 1 game! There are no limits to your teams total handicap, but have to give your opponent the handicap difference in points for each round!

If you are a member in the BCA - you can go to Las Vegas and participate in their National Tournament. You don't have to go through a qualifying process, that takes months (and favors) from the league, to make it to the next level of play (just as long as your handicap doesn't go up, disqualifying you from participating). The BCA cannot handicap an entire nation, and they do not try to! If you want to participate in the BCA Nationals in Las will be shooting even-up (remember...anyone can win 1 game!).

Are you tired of constantly paying to play with no return on your investment? The Cuetime Sports Pool League returns the money to you.

8-Ball Teams: At the end of sessions 1 & 2, we have a tournament for the top 1/2 of every division (based on total points), with $5,000.00 in prize funds (based on participation)! As the League grows, the Prize Funds grow!

At the end of each year, a league tournament will be held. Every team in the League is eligible to play as long as they are in good standing with the League! The team ending up in 1st place could win $10,000.00 (based on participation)! That's right here, in Delaware - Not all-the-way across the country.

9-Ball: The League also offers "Real" 9-Ball! The only scoring that has to be done is "1" is a Win, and "0" is a Loss and follows real 9-Ball rules. At the end of each 3 sessions, each player will receive $1.00 per win ("1") - and, a singles tournament with a Calcutta and the remainder of the money added!

What do you say...put your team in today! Now that you've played with the rest...Play with the Best!